February 11, 2008

Ze Handshake!

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I greet you, people of the great earth, with utmost anger and seething fury I write this post..WHY DO PEOPLE RIDE LIKE THIS IN KUWAIT?!!?! Call me a road rage maniac BUT DUDE THERE ARE LIMITS!! my handsome Mr.Darcy (for those who don’t know, I mean my car) was scared out of its wits today! lif 3alai..okay..speed your way through the speed bump and cut in front of me for no reason whatsoever cuz you already have to go back to your lane you illiterate ***..okay..cast your freakin flasher on me and when I move to the next lane thinking you’re in a hurry but you freaking go on your merry way slowly..okay..BUT CUTTING IN FRONT OF ME AND DRIVING 30 KM/H..NO! Without exaggeration I kept honking the horn for about 30 seconds but that didn’t bring him back from that Zen Zone he was lounging in…stupid truck!

Hmph..*shakes it off* Anyway..

Awhile ago I watched Chronicles of Narnia (lovely movie BTW) there was this scene when the heroine meets a strange creature, she extended her hand to shake his, but being foreign to our world he asked her what she was doing, she told him that we shake hands when we meet someone, he asked her why and she was like “..I don’t know 00;”, That’s when my curiosity kicked in!

After searching for quite some time I found that It’s difficult to know the beginning of the handshake since most of these events happened before written history and of course since it doesn’t have a confirmed source, many accounts try to explain it, But the most convincing one was this:

It dates back to Medieval Europe, Kings and knights extend their hands and grasp the other’s, not to greet the other party, but to show that they are not carrying weapons thus meaning them no harm and showing openness and trust. The right-hand is extended since its the primary hand in handling most things and it is unlikely to strike a weapon using your left-hand.

And that is why we shake hands when we meet, to show friendliness and openness!