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  1. Am a huge Harry potter fan!! There’s nothing like the feeling when you are reading a new one!! You want to finish quickly yet feel sorry when it’s over 😦

  2. Bashar said,

    Read the Alchemist. Not being a Novel reader this is the only I read in over a decade. Was good and simple 🙂

  3. Sarah 7 said,

    *grabs your harry potter books and hides them*

  4. kaileena said,

    I KNOW!

    The Alchemist,huh..I shall look into it thanks!!

    *turns the Time-Turner a few moments back and hides the books before Sarah finds them*

  5. Mai said,

    I agree with Bashar, read Alchemist! Its so COOOOOL! and great!

    Paulo Coelho is so great writer! His philosophy states that one week can change one’s life! So all of his stories are a one week period! His thoughts are great! Dont miss it. Even the Arabic copy is cool, I read it actually.

    Good luck =)

  6. Olórin said,

    Wow that seems quite interesting! I should definitely get it!

  7. Angelo said,

    OMG! I took Russian Fairy Tales in college. I bet I read some of the stories from your book.

  8. Olórin said,

    That’s nice! Don’t you think they were a bit weird?

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