March 8, 2008

…And with that comes responsibility!

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Aaah what a lovely morning! It’s been quite long since the last time I’ve had a good morning like this! A good breakfast with nothing to do afterwards and refreshing A/C air (my room is above the kitchen, opening the window at this hour would be a serious mistake) so I open the window quite early in the morning for new oxygen but now I don’t have to!

Warning: Long and boring post ahead! Readers uninterested in teen drama kindly skip to the photos.

Sometimes it’s so hard to follow the path you’ve chosen for yourself if it meant sacrificing things that were once – and still are – essential in your life.. so essential to you and you were practically revolving around them. Sometimes you wonder “Have I made a mistake?” “If it’s for the best..why am I so miserable?”

It’s funny how you can force yourself into abandoning the things that were once your life even though they weren’t ethically or religiously wrong..for your life. A lot of my friends told me that I’m strong and have a unique ability of controlling myself. but they’re quite wrong.. I don’t think that’s an ability.

I’ve changed..that’s views have changed dramatically since then and I don’t think I would be happy now if I hadn’t let go. When I think about it.. I was a kid before and I had the right to do whatever I want, but now it’s quite different, I’m older and with that comes responsibility (the cliche that became a cliche for a reason!)

The process of change is quite weird, you only notice it after awhile but those around you notice every detail of it but say nothing, knowing it’s for your own good to keep quiet, not to disrupt it. My goals in life and an image of who I wanted to become slowly started to form and I realized that in order for me to pursue such goals I have to let go of many things..

That led to sleepless nights and countless panic attacks but I managed to come through and cut the strings that were once holding me together. It was the summer of my graduation from high school..Escaped to Saudi to stay with my grandmother for the summer to forget and figure out what to do next.

When I came back..depression struck! Couldn’t even get out of bed, everything was changing around me, even my friends were going their separate ways in college..guess I picked the wrong time to do it.

Meh guess that’s what makes us stronger, right?

After 3 years of struggle and serious decisions I finally started to settle and finish the first stage of forming myself. And what gave me a boost was last summer.. I had a chance to get it all back together but I refused and realized that even if I went back it wouldn’t be the same because I changed! I changed the SECOND I decided to change!

*looks up* 00; Oh my..too much negative energy! Sorry about that, dear ones!

On a different’s an image I took of Duomo di Milan.

We were on the roof of the Duomo when I took this shot, about 100 metres high! What a place!

Unfortunately the Cathedral was under maintenance when we got there so I couldn’t get a proper shot of it’s front =[


February 18, 2008

Books and Clouds

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*listens to Japanese relaxation music and eats dried apricots* Good evening to you all..hope everyone’s doing fine..

Aaah..nothing beats a relaxation period after one hectic day in college! You’d think that being the second day of the semester it would be a light and delightful day..but its not. Not if you have to go to a bookstore that holds books for virtually all the colleges of KU to fetch the books you require for this semester..I’ll paint you an image..imagine about 200+ persons in an approx. 60×60 m. room filled with books and shelves with only 4 cashiers…Yea!
After bumping and apologizing repeatedly to people and standing in line for quite some time holding 6 kilos worth of books I got the books I needed, my poor friend..among many..couldn’t find what she came for!

Anyway while I was flipping through my images I came across this one..I recently took it this winter in the time where it was cloudy every other day (good times!)

Added a blue layer to make a difference in ze shades of the clouds!

I call it “Brewing Storm”!

Then added New Adjustment Layer to make the sky more blue!

This one is called “Vanishing Clouds” or “New Beginning”

The original can be found here

Don’t you just love clouds?

January 18, 2008

Signature City

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Hows everybody and hows the weekend going? I bet half the population of Kuwait is currently in farms and chalets.. But in my opinion nothing beats a weekend at home. wrapped in layers of blankets and a hot chocolate in hand! For some reason I love listening to Beethoven’s 9th whenever I feel cold and 6th in the summer time! It just fits for some reason!

Anyway, I need help from Anime fans! I’ve been so busy with studying lately I’ve neglected my anime needs and lost track of what’s good and new! So please if you’re currently watching a cool anime, let me know about it!

One night I was in the car during my stay in Saudi I noticed how beautiful the view is from the window… full moon and lights…

…But just when I was taking the shot..the car stepped on a speedbump abruptly causing my hands to shake and the camera in danger of falling! After I checked out how the picture was..thinking it would be blurry crap..I was surprised to see that the lights, instead of being blurry, looked like identical signatures! I love it when mistakes make something new!

Hope you enjoy your weekend wherever you are ^_^

Take care!

January 12, 2008

Beyond the Horizon

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Alo, mon amis!

Okay its seriously getting too cold! Can you believe that our temp. is close to Europe’s? 00; It’s quite rare for me to wear wool and not sweat it’s amazing! But sadly today I sweat a waterfall during the Statistics 2 final..*sniffs*..for the fiiirst time in my life I leave several questions blank (well not first, I was quite reckless when it came to studying in middle school but don’t think that counts ^^;) I usually write anything to save myself the nagging conscience afterwards..but this case is rare!! I can honestly say that the test was written in Gibberish encoded with strange symbols to brain-wash us to quit college! *sobs*

Anyway! I wanna share with you one of my favorite’s ordinary and normal but it gives me the feeling of openness and inshira7 and that the troubles we worry from are so small under these magnificently wide skies

I took this obviously on a plane on our way to Italy the summer before the last..The only thing I envy pilots for is the view they see!

Unfortunately, since the size is small, the best effect this shot has is hindered,

when its assigned as a Desktop wallpaper its true beauty and openness shows! Heres the link for the original size if anyone’s interested in using it as a wallpaper!

Hope you like it ^_^

January 2, 2008


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May it be a pleasant and joyous year for all of you, leave behind the troubles of last year and lets all start fresh!

I took this photo of the moon back when it was a fullmoon in Eid days..

..hauntingly beautiful isn’t it..

I simply love the moon!!

December 25, 2007

La vita in una rosa!

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*ATTCCHHEEEEHHH* *blows her nose* dudes and’s cold outside..

I took these in my Grandmother’s garden in Saudi ^_^

I’m not a fan of roses and I HATE pink and these images are cliche but I wanted to try taking this kind of zoomed roses thingies!

You can find the real sizes



and here!

Hope you like zem ^_^

December 2, 2007

Behind the Clouds

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I took this on my way home today..Sky’s the most beautiful thing isn’t it..*tears well up*