Who am I, you ask?

And that was my interests in points ^_~



  1. I share with you photography, Yoga and Harry potter lol!!

  2. Sarah 7 said,

    I love Anime, RPG/Adventure video games
    I’m a Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter fan..addict would make a better word.

    Are you my long lost twin?

  3. kaileena said,

    Yaaaay! It’s so awesome to see the love of HP and photography in one person! LETS BE BEST FRIENDS~~!! *girlish squeal*

    Sarah 7:
    I-I think I am!!!!

  4. readmyblog said,

    We don’t have much in common but I do enjoy edible grass. 😛

    pleased to meet you. 🙂

  5. kaileena said,

    LOL Glad someone likes edible grass too!

    Pleased to meet you too ^_^

  6. rainmountain said,

    Heya 😀
    Green fields are great, no?
    All those things to take pictures of, hehe 😀
    Ask me, that’s what I did in Korea for over a year 😉

    You do TaiChi?
    In Kuwait???
    I did TaiChi for a while and I sorely miss it!

  7. kaileena said,

    Whooa you must’ve gotten amazing pictures from Korea! Lucky you!

    Yup I love Tai-Chi!
    I learned it at Flex gym, but unfortunatly it’s not in the schedule anymore!
    We’re hoping they bring it back soon,when they do I shall tell you!

  8. Joel said,

    A heavy metal fan in Kuwait, I thought they are rare! Anyway; I’m into Nickelback and Greenday currently and my all time favorite is Metallica 😀

  9. Amu said,

    games I am all into them 🙂 nice blog! keep it rocking…

  10. kaileena said,

    Metallica’s cool! My all time fav. are Children of Bodom and Blind Guardian!
    Be no stranger to my blog!

    Thanks! Be no stranger to my blog ^_^

  11. julia said,

    Great blog! I love your pictures, which camera do you use?

  12. kaileena said,

    Thank you so much! I’m currently using Sony H3 but some pictures in this blog were taken by my previous camera Canon SD600.
    Be no stranger to this blog ^_^

  13. bibomedia said,


  14. Olórin said,


  15. ren_crow said,

    wow you like all the same stuff I do!

  16. Olórin said,

    lol that’s nice =D

  17. shivya said,

    great blog! I just started learning arabic! I’m 20, and studying biz admin too 🙂 I need to read more of your posts. Adding you to my roll!

  18. Olórin said,

    Hello shivya! whoa awesome name you’ve got!

    I’m glad you like my posts! thanks for adding me =D!

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