July 15, 2008


Posted in Misc. at 9:49 pm by Olórin


How’s everybody doing?! Hope everyone’s alright!

Yaaaaaah it’s been a long time since I’ve done anything..useful!

My life for the past month was nothing but Korean drama, anime (one pieeeeeeece) and going to the movies! I believe Cinescape will thank me greatly when they check their sales.

Those who took a summer course I feel two things towards you guys, sympathy, and HAHAHAHAHAHA I’M SLEEPING ALL DAY AND YOU GUYS MELT IN THE SUN DAY AFTER DAY! Most of my friends took a summer course, girls call me “ha where are you?! we don’t see you around!” and I reply lovingly “..dudes..sa7abt il 9aify,nha3nha3nha3!”

Mmmm..I wanna see an Opera, somebody take me please, no one wants to go with me! sob..

Oh yea! What’s with the Turkish crap lately?! The shows I mean…Gumus and the other show with the ugly people.. It’s like an epidemic affecting the Arabian world! Do you think it’s true what they say in the newspapers, about the divorces and marital problems happening because of the “hotness” of the main characters? Okay the dude I understand..but the girl?! Even the dude isnt that much, when I first saw him I remembered white cheese for some reason 0_0;
I love Turkey..and everything about it..especially it’s language..aaaah, delicate.

Anyway can’t take long! A proper post later inshalla!

Until then, taketh careth!



  1. Amethyst said,

    Welcome back!

  2. suspic said,

    I’m on to you. You’re really jealous of your friends, you feel empty inside and you want something to do rather than just sitting at home literally wasting your time while they have a purpose.

    Yes, you are empty inside.

    And yes, I have 9aifi…you suck.

    And the blonde guy is said to be a model for a gay magazine.

  3. FourMe said,

    Welcome back..

  4. Olórin said,

    Amethyst & FourMe:
    Thank yooou! How’ve you been?!

    Yeees I’m the one who’s jealous, you got me!
    Meh don’t believe what the rumors generate, bs mu mustab3ad killish!

  5. Nicole said,

    Welcome back 🙂
    I don’t know anything about Turkish shows, sorry 🙂
    But I sure as heck don’t like those Talkshows,… *shudder*

  6. Perfecty said,


  7. Olórin said,


  8. Olórin said,

    Thanks! It’s better you dont know about those shows!

  9. Perfecty said,

    Yeah tawni I got back ma 9ar lee wayid :DD

    Miss you.

  10. N. said,

    Welcome back.. yeah I heard those Korean soaps were good, but don’t have time to watch them really. One piece.. is slow now heh.

  11. Linus said,

    Good to see you blogging again! How the boiling summer of Kuwait?! I sort of miss that LOL!

  12. Linus said,

    You’ve been tagged Btw

  13. Bashar said,

    Offf… where did you get this picture ;/

    hell of a return. I’ve just came back from Cardiff. Had terrible internet for 2 weeks, then one super for one night. Now, it’s like I am unleashed.

    Still keeping my hands off the PS3 somehow. I got a gift Wall-E PS3 game though, and my kid (if not me) will force me to it.

  14. vixenfatale said,

    Welcome back 😀

    i’ll take you, just say when and where ;p

  15. Olórin said,

    Welcome back! miss you too!

    You’re probably right! but I’m watching it from scratch, so it’s quite fast from where I’m watching!

    lol yea you’ll realize that you dont miss it that much once you exit the airport doors! Thanks for tagging me! I’ll try to do it asap!

    LOL! It’s from Bleach manga! Cardiff is nice but not much of a tourist spot! LOL Wall-E?! dude!

    YAY! Today 7 p.m we meet at the entrance of Munich’s Opera theater! Don’t be tardy! I’m coming by a helicopter, if you need a ride tell me!

  16. Bashar said,

    By the way, check this

    New prince of persia is coming this year. New acrobatic movies, new story and all. Also, Sands of Time movie is coming next year, and a game of the movie (of the game!) is coming as well, if that makes sense!

    So you may want to change ur blog to ELIKA 😉

  17. Olórin said,

    Way ahead of you! Ga3da atabi3 akhbarhum mn zman! Check my games page!
    LOL the Kaileena name is diminishing mn zman..its olorin now, getting back to my LOTR roots!

  18. Bashar said,

    Olorion: Actually, I knew about it also long time back. I will show you the proof later 🙂

  19. amethystos said,

    7ilfay bas? Shrayech you post?! I demand a new post. DEMAND, you hear me?!

  20. Olórin said,

    LOL I’m not yishiking in your knowledge!

    Whoa awesome new name! so greek! lool I miss blogging too! Arja3 soon inshallah may9eer kha6rich illa 6ayyib!

  21. Bashar said,

    Still, wait for the proof 🙂

  22. vixenfatale said,

    heey when are you updating!

    sorry about our date, something came up 😛

  23. Olórin said,

    Lol Taking alittle too long there!

    You’re apologizing now?! I was soaking wet waiting in the rain and missed the opera! Thanfully Pavarotti’s grandson pointed out another opera performing nearby, so mara7at 3alai ilsafra >=D

  24. vixenfatale said,

    ee kan urgent wallah.. yallah ill take you for another date where do you want to go.. just update already!

  25. Olórin said,

    Yay thanks! I want Vienna’s biggest opera house playing Lakme!

  26. vixenfatale said,

    Hhehe so when is that? Or did i miss it again ;p

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