July 15, 2008


Posted in Misc. at 9:49 pm by Olórin


How’s everybody doing?! Hope everyone’s alright!

Yaaaaaah it’s been a long time since I’ve done anything..useful!

My life for the past month was nothing but Korean drama, anime (one pieeeeeeece) and going to the movies! I believe Cinescape will thank me greatly when they check their sales.

Those who took a summer course I feel two things towards you guys, sympathy, and HAHAHAHAHAHA I’M SLEEPING ALL DAY AND YOU GUYS MELT IN THE SUN DAY AFTER DAY! Most of my friends took a summer course, girls call me “ha where are you?! we don’t see you around!” and I reply lovingly “..dudes..sa7abt il 9aify,nha3nha3nha3!”

Mmmm..I wanna see an Opera, somebody take me please, no one wants to go with me! sob..

Oh yea! What’s with the Turkish crap lately?! The shows I mean…Gumus and the other show with the ugly people.. It’s like an epidemic affecting the Arabian world! Do you think it’s true what they say in the newspapers, about the divorces and marital problems happening because of the “hotness” of the main characters? Okay the dude I understand..but the girl?! Even the dude isnt that much, when I first saw him I remembered white cheese for some reason 0_0;
I love Turkey..and everything about it..especially it’s language..aaaah, delicate.

Anyway can’t take long! A proper post later inshalla!

Until then, taketh careth!