April 25, 2008

The 7 Things Tag!

Posted in Misc. at 9:17 pm by Olórin

So sorry I was late!

Tagged by ShoSho, here goes!

Seven things I plan to do:

1. Take things less seriously.
2. See as much of the world as I can.
3. Turn my photography hobby into something more serious.
4. Learn to accept and love my current life.
5. Find the balance I need.
6. Get better at tennis.
7. Get rid of my fear of heights.

Seven things I can do:

1. Force myself.
2. Ignore and control my emotions il7imdillah.
3. Watch anime and read manga all day!
4. Lie (God bless middle school, perfect practice!)
5. Talk about my interests and ignore the face expressions.
6. Talk for hours on the phone!
7. Release a deathly aura effortlessly.

Seven things I can’t do:

1. Stop worrying.
2. Stop thinking disturbing thoughts.
3. Fix my mood easily
4. Give up.
5. Stop thinking about people I’ve let go of.
7. Bunjee Jump =[

Seven things I say the most:

1. Hao!
2. Ayshay!
3. Drama!
4. Halo!
5. Shit!
6. Ilmohim.
7. Anyway.

Thank you so much! It was delightful!

Me tags Linus, Intlxpatr and Nicole!

Have fun!



  1. intlxpatr said,

    Oh! Wonderful music! What a treat to show up here and hear such glorious sounds.

  2. Nicole said,

    Ah – that’s a tough one.
    Thanks for tagging, will do so some time in the next few days, have to think something proper up though 😀
    (Things I can do)
    @ Nr. 3 – Wanna open up a shop with me? 😉
    @ Nr. 7 – I just started to develop one a few years ago – sucks 😦

    I could and would never Bungee jump either – yucks.

    Translation please for the things you say most – let me learn something 😀

  3. Olórin said,

    Glad you like it =D We seem to share the same taste in Symphonies!

    Take your time!
    I would LOVE to open one with you but since I’m still studying I can only do it online!
    About the aura, well what can you do, I try to take advantage of it LOL!

    1. Hao <- More like a “Huh?!!” in old Kuwaiti, said when in shock or confusion

    2. Ayshay <- similar to “No way!! I don’t believe this!!” or “This is ridiculous!!” but in urban Kuwaiti, older people don’t say it.

    3. Ilmohim <- means “Anyway” in Arabic.

  4. Amethyst said,

    How can you ignore and control your emotions?

  5. glad you did it 😉 it’s really a blessing that you can ignore the feelings.. requires strength i guess,,

  6. Olórin said,

    Amethyst and Shosho:
    Think with your head and stomp on your heart. That’s how I do it.

  7. Nicole said,

    Thanks for the translation and yeah, I know, I was only kidding with the shop anyway 😉
    Even though it would be cool :D!

  8. Olórin said,

    I know you were kidding! Didn’t know you were a fan of Anime,though!

  9. avocat said,

    yoba let go let go…. ely ma yobana ma nobah 😛

  10. Olórin said,

    Hao! mno illy sawwa letting go?! ana wla uhma? habla

  11. Linus said,

    Thanks for the tag! I’ll do it as soon as I can! I’m just packed right now 🙂 sorry!

  12. Olórin said,

    Hello Linus! Long time no see!
    Take as much as you like, it’s a game after all 😉

  13. Fadidra said,

    interesting list..! yet, you won’t Bunjee Jump? for some reason I thought no3ch risk ,rush, live by th edge kaileena :p

  14. Olórin said,

    And I am! HARK HARK HARK!

    *remembers avocat sometimes reads the blog*

    No..I’m not..

    Vell I’m always open to try new things and I LOVE feeling a rush, but when it comes to heights..3adi a6ee7 3alaikum! Don’t know why I get so dizzy from them, it runs in the family though, so that might be a reason!

  15. Bashar said,

    You missed point 6 on what you can’t do.

    You play tennis? where? I plan to start playing and wanna know good places.

  16. Olórin said,

    oh! Thanks lol didn’t notice!

    I dont usually play tennis outdoors, got introduced to it in highschool and ever since I’m planning on learning it more seriously. But I’ve seen the tennis courts in Crown Plaza and they seem quite nice! I remember my brother saying that you might not need to own a room to play in the field when we passed by it. You should ask!

  17. Bashar said,

    I only played once in Australia (What can I say, I’m a Pro!)
    It was 10 years back, and did I suck at this game or what!

    Thanks anyways.

  18. F. said,

    You’ve been tagged!

  19. vixenfatale said,

    updaate i miss youuu!

  20. fadidra said,


  21. Olórin said,

    Thanks I’ll try my best to do it! Sorry for being late!

    Thank yoooooou! I’ll try to update!

    mikhtafya lool I’ve been so busy with the finals and the midterms that when they were done I needed the longest break!!

  22. suspic said,

    *lays flowers near the grave*

    She was nice.

  23. Olórin said,

    *picks up the flowers and smacks him with them* me no dead! me break!

  24. suspic said,

    Fine! Next time it’s digging your grave and smacking you. =O

  25. Are you coming back or what???????!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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