March 8, 2008

…And with that comes responsibility!

Posted in Misc., Photography at 2:41 pm by Olórin

Aaah what a lovely morning! It’s been quite long since the last time I’ve had a good morning like this! A good breakfast with nothing to do afterwards and refreshing A/C air (my room is above the kitchen, opening the window at this hour would be a serious mistake) so I open the window quite early in the morning for new oxygen but now I don’t have to!

Warning: Long and boring post ahead! Readers uninterested in teen drama kindly skip to the photos.

Sometimes it’s so hard to follow the path you’ve chosen for yourself if it meant sacrificing things that were once – and still are – essential in your life.. so essential to you and you were practically revolving around them. Sometimes you wonder “Have I made a mistake?” “If it’s for the best..why am I so miserable?”

It’s funny how you can force yourself into abandoning the things that were once your life even though they weren’t ethically or religiously wrong..for your life. A lot of my friends told me that I’m strong and have a unique ability of controlling myself. but they’re quite wrong.. I don’t think that’s an ability.

I’ve changed..that’s views have changed dramatically since then and I don’t think I would be happy now if I hadn’t let go. When I think about it.. I was a kid before and I had the right to do whatever I want, but now it’s quite different, I’m older and with that comes responsibility (the cliche that became a cliche for a reason!)

The process of change is quite weird, you only notice it after awhile but those around you notice every detail of it but say nothing, knowing it’s for your own good to keep quiet, not to disrupt it. My goals in life and an image of who I wanted to become slowly started to form and I realized that in order for me to pursue such goals I have to let go of many things..

That led to sleepless nights and countless panic attacks but I managed to come through and cut the strings that were once holding me together. It was the summer of my graduation from high school..Escaped to Saudi to stay with my grandmother for the summer to forget and figure out what to do next.

When I came back..depression struck! Couldn’t even get out of bed, everything was changing around me, even my friends were going their separate ways in college..guess I picked the wrong time to do it.

Meh guess that’s what makes us stronger, right?

After 3 years of struggle and serious decisions I finally started to settle and finish the first stage of forming myself. And what gave me a boost was last summer.. I had a chance to get it all back together but I refused and realized that even if I went back it wouldn’t be the same because I changed! I changed the SECOND I decided to change!

*looks up* 00; Oh my..too much negative energy! Sorry about that, dear ones!

On a different’s an image I took of Duomo di Milan.

We were on the roof of the Duomo when I took this shot, about 100 metres high! What a place!

Unfortunately the Cathedral was under maintenance when we got there so I couldn’t get a proper shot of it’s front =[



  1. intlxpatr said,

    Your photos are magnificent. What kind of camera are you using? And while reading and looking at the photos, I love listening to your music. What a nice place to visit you have.

    As to your growing and changing – my sweet friend, you have no idea what God/Allah has in store for you! We make plans and God just laughs. Now, I remember some of the things I wanted – and I have them ALL, but not at all as I thought I would. Truly, God loves us and wants the very best for us, and you will laugh, too, when you start to see how he works in your life. 🙂

    I wanted to be an Ambassador. I had the privilege of working in an embassy, only to learn I really really did NOT want to be an ambassador. And yet, in my own way, living in a foreign country, in a small way . . .I am an ambassador, am I not? Live is funny.

  2. Nicole said,

    Regarding the Photos: the last one’s my favorite. Gorgeous postcard shot!

    Regarding the changes.
    I think that changes keep coming all the time.
    At least it seems like that to me.

    and I wouldn’t call it negative energy – you told us part of your story.
    That’s good. Not negative!

  3. eshda3wa said,

    change is inevitable
    and change is good most of the time

    the pictures are breath taking!!

  4. Olórin said,

    Thank you! These photos were taken using Canon PowerShot SD600! Now I’m using Sony H3.
    So true what you said!

    I’m glad you like it! I’ll send you the uncopyrighted original shot through email if you like!

    Yup it is, no one can deny that. It is good most of the time, even if it sucks in the short-run, it’s bound to be good for the long-run.
    Thank you!

  5. Amu said,

    lol I love the warning 😀

    changes are always good! and they always effect our attitude…I am glad you had a good morning and enshallah many more to come 🙂

  6. suspic said,

    Hey! I have the same photos except mine are of low resolution but prettier. =O

    I call it the devil’s house, it’s creepy from the outside and inside. The street performers at night near it were awesome though.

  7. Olórin said,

    lol! Thank you you too inshalla!

    Evil! Show me your photos, we’ll see which are prettier! mine or yours!
    I didn’t catch any street performances 7asafa! Loved Rome’s performances, though.

  8. Amethyst said,

    That’s why I don’t want to grow up;p

  9. Mrm said,

    oh my god i dreamt of that place!!! what a creepy place! i had a nightmare about this building a few years ago, and i never knew it really existed!!!! why must u scareff mrm why

  10. Olórin said,

    Go to Neverland! I heard the 20 yrs old peter pan is quite the hottie!

    Wow you find that scary? Then imagine yourself 100 meters high surrounded by those guys and suddenly they come to life and chant “Your blood is ours”! Scaring you is pretty amusing walla! 3ad t9adgeen I found it quite romantic!

  11. vixenfatale said,

    I know change is inevitable. But I still wish I could freeze some periods of my life.. or go back to them.

    lovely photos 🙂

  12. Chirp said,

    WOOOW Vixen took the words right out of my mind!!!! I will say it again :p change is inevitable, u and ur friend might or might not grow up :p So u change or they change and u guys get interested in different things. Sometimes strong friendships can withstand that, but life is weird seriously. Live it day by day and be thankful for each minute.
    You’ll miss the past, bas the future might be much better!!! 🙂

    Amazing pictures mashalah 🙂

  13. Olórin said,

    Yup same here! Even though you weren’t enjoying those periods, when they’re over you realize how much you had fun in them!

    lol! Yup I agree 100%!
    Thank you!

  14. suspic said,

    “Wow you find that scary? Then imagine yourself 100 meters high surrounded by those guys and suddenly they come to life and chant “Your blood is ours”! Scaring you is pretty amusing walla!”

    I applaud you.

  15. Linus said,

    Been there, yeah it sucks so bad! I’m always depressed when I’m in Kuwait.
    Even though I try to forget and all but it comes back and hurts even worst then before.

  16. Linus said,

    I forgot to mention this, the pictures are amazing! And I wonder where are the Islamic stuff! I would love to see a mosque in Kuwait which has the same details and that shit!

  17. Olórin said,

    Honestly can’t make the difference between sarcasim and actually meaning it.

    Well then you shouldn’t run away from it. Face it.
    Thank you! Kuwait is a very small and young country, it doesn’t have a significant history because of its age and climate. Quite difficult to compare it with an ancient country like Italy.

  18. suspic said,

    I meant it, that was beautiful.

    (Perhaps this is sarcasm too! No really..I mean it.)

  19. Olórin said,


  20. Bashar said,

    WOW… first thing I thought when I saw the pics is… Assassin’s Creed 🙂

    Then I thought you turned christian or something, since you said, lazy readers just skip to pics :>

  21. Olórin said,

    LOL! No didn’t say lazy readers, I said “readers not interested in teen stuff skip to the photos”!

    La il7imdillah muslima 100%, I just appreciate historical sites. ^_^

  22. Change is good from time to time, don’t be a change freak!

  23. G and L said,

    Amazing pics 😉

  24. Olórin said,

    orangina fadidra:
    lol I wont!

    G and L:
    Thank you!

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