February 5, 2008

Factor Aid/ Factored/ Factor VIII concentrate

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 Hey everyone! Hows it going?

I just heard incredibly disturbing news about a drug manufactured by Bayer, the company that made Aspirin. This drug is called Factor Aid or Factored and is used to cure Hemophilia, but was discovered to be HIV contaminated. After the allegations were true, it was banned from America, but Bayer didn’t want to lose the profits, so it shipped it overseas to Europe, Asia and Latin America. I know it sounds unbelievable because theres no way someone could do that and get away with it, but sadly it’s true and thats whats happening.”the companies conspired to sell blood-clotting products that were manufactured using blood from sick, high-risk donors” -CBS News. Thousands who took this medicine have died along with their relatives (infectious).. This youtube video explains it all. Kindly spread the word, people! Even though the news are somewhat old, many might not know about it! You might save a life..

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  1. seriously!!
    its too preposterous, ya3ni shnu Spain, france, japan etc mo awadem!

  2. Linus said,

    People= Nothing.
    Money= Everything.
    That company is saying that the profit we get is more important than what change we make around the world. besides, people down here think we are aliens! lol

  3. N. said,

    Thanks for the info.

    On a different note, I’m watching True Tears now. I love it! It is very wonderful, very much different than the anime I usually get exposed to. Thanks for recommending it ;D

  4. Oh this is very bad!!

  5. Amethyst said,


  6. kaileena said,

    To Bayer I don’t think even the Americans are human to him =s

    Yea I noticed..Meh, they’re the ones damaged by this kind of thinking not us, if you think about it!

    Anytime! I’m glad you liked it! ep.5 is out,BTW 😀

    I know..bad is too small a word for this!

    Shiftay shloun, crappy world we live in =s

  7. Amu said,

    thats really sad!!!

  8. It’s just sad what greed does to some people.. and companies.

    Allah yab3idna jame3an men kel mara’6 enshallah ;/

  9. intlxpatr said,

    I love coming to your site just for the music! It is so beautiful!

    Kaileena, this is a true story. But it gets worse. Here in Kuwait, there are many false medications. When you go to buy something at a pharmacy, look carefully at the box, and look for mistakes. Many fakes are coming out of China. They LOOK like the real thing, but they aren’t. If you are lucky, you will see some kind of mistake on the box – a spelling or grammar mistake. Remember the recent pet food scare (Farrago wrote about it) and the toothpaste scare (both came out of China.)

  10. kaileena said,


    Bombay Bombshell:

    lol I’m glad!
    God this is terrible! To think they reached this far! Thanks for the heads-up!

  11. Mrm said,

    i think its a spoof. HIV/AIDS virus and components need to live in a saturated, moist, and warm environment. it wont live in a pill or capsule, it’d die in mere moments.

  12. kaileena said,

    I’m glad you said this! Actually it’s not a pill, It’s a blood product, taken through transfusion or injections. And sadly it’s 100% real =(
    It’s called Factor VIII Concentrate because it’s transfused into the blood to “cure” the Factor VIII deficiency in the blood which is causes hemphelia.

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