February 4, 2008


Posted in Misc. at 3:29 pm by Olórin

Even though we don’t know each other for a long time I know you’re a wonderful person..simply because it doesn’t take time to recognize a wonderful spirit like you..I feel bad we didn’t meet earlier because I missed out on an opportunity for a wonderful friendship..

I’m posting this because I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye to you and I’m not able to let you go without so..

Allah yaktiblich illy feeh khair inshalla and I wish you the best of luck in everything you do.

I’m glad I met you,




  1. chikapappi said,

    I dunno what happened to her 😦

  2. Nicole said,

    Another blogger disapeared?

  3. Linus said,

    I have no idea why she suddenly disappeared! I love reading her stuff its a shame she stopped blogging

  4. kaileena said,

    Me neither 😦

    Yup http://perfecty.wordpress.com

    Me too..I feel the same way

  5. QQ said,

    goodluck to her~

  6. Amethyst said,

    Sh9ayer? Kelman is faj2a gone;\

  7. N. said,

    Where is your music! ;/ Need classical music on Kaileena’s blog, bring it back.

    Allah e7afeth-ha.

  8. I am bummed she left us like this 😦 I was going to post about her but then I saw your post..

    So Perfecty, you will be missed.. I didn’t get enough time to know too but in that short time, I came to know that you are one of the sweetest I met..

  9. Outkasty said,

    we’ll miss her

  10. kaileena said,


    E la7a’9tay? weird =s

    lol!! It’s back 😀

    Either your comments go awaiting moderation or to spam! I have no idea why! Yea me too.

    You’re right.

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