January 22, 2008


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Halo all!

Hows everybody doing? Thank god the weather’s been abit merciful lately..looks like that bone-shivering cold wave’s over! Didn’t you notice that this winter’s full of cloudy days yet only 3 days of light rain? I WANT RAAINN!!!! hmph..

Anyway..I’m sure all of you are familiar with Godiva chocolate, and I’m sure 95% of you are in love with it and is one of your most important sources to turn to when searching for a small gift! But did any of you wonder why the hell is the logo a naked woman riding a horse? I got interested and curious in the idea..thinking that behind the reason was a great story, and there was!

Turns out that the famous chocolate brand was named after a famous woman! Lady Godiva her name was:

According to Wiki, thats her story:

During the 10th century in Coventry, a city in Englad, the townspeople were in tough living circumstances because of the oppressive taxes forced upon them by Earl Leofric of Mercia, who is the husband of our heroine Lady Godiva. She felt sorry for the townspeople and begged her husband to remove the taxes only to be denied coldly, but after her continuous nagging he told that he would remove them only if she rode the town on a horse ..naked (3afya husband,mal akfa’7a ib 3a9at!!)
Anyway..due to her kind and merciful nature, she agreed (khibla!), but before she went, she ordered the townspeople to stay behind closed doors and closed windows. And she did it! Only one man, a tailor named Tom gauged a hole in his shutters to look at her, thus the phrase “Peeping Tom”!
And so..after her breezy stroll about town, her assfaced husband removed the taxes!




  1. chikapappi said,

    all I could say right now is YUMMOOOOOO

  2. Amethyst said,


    I would never go out naked;p

  3. F. said,

    There’s a song by Queen: Don’t Stop Me Now…
    They mention Lady Godiva
    Love that band…

    I’ve never tasted those chocolates though..oops?

  4. kaileena said,


    Same here,bonnylass!

    Queen are cool! my all time favorite is we will rock you!
    Their chocolate is awesome! but slightly overrated..I would choose Lindt over it any day!
    Don’t be a stranger to this blog ^_^

  5. Outkasty said,

    I’m in love with Chocolates, moo GODIVA πŸ˜›

  6. Mrm said,

    i really enjoy ur interest in finding out the origins of the most random things πŸ˜€ loved the story!
    not a fan of godiva… try Jeff de Bruges chocolates!

  7. FourMe said,

    Wow what a woman!! Now that’s a lady with guts, her story sould be known more.. Thanks for the info .. as for the choc0 *Dro0o000o00ooling*

  8. Perfecty said,

    Awal mara asma3 ib hal chocolate. *looks at her Kit-Kat*

    I’m gonna try it! Interesting story.. the same thing I’ve been wondering 3an that StarBucks mermaid, she’s naked too, isn’t she? :/

    3la il aqaal feh BEAUTY eshway! Mo logo Columbos Cafe. Eachtime I pass I get a heart attack! LOL.

  9. kaileena said,

    Let’s say that I would be a codfish-like corpse without my fix of chocolate!

    I’m glad! Jeff de Bruges chocolate looks amazing! fe mna bl kuwait?

    Yup! She has guts alright! Indeed I agree! Glad you liked the story ^_^

    Their branch in Kuwait is located in Fanar mall! awal ma iddisheen look to your right and it’s there! I got really interested in Starbuck’s mermaid, I’ll look it up soon!
    LOL 3ad the bear is really cute! feels fuzzy! The slightly zoomed bear face with extensive shading might’ve scared you lool!

  10. shishq8 said,

    i’ll give it a try soon..
    coz shaklaa Yummy .. πŸ™‚

  11. HOLLY SHIT!! wth idiot bastard :@
    gosh, what a heartbreaking story.. heart Godiva chocolate

    shnu 9ar fii tom after?people boycott him 3alla fe3lita ilshan3a2 ;p

  12. Mashallah 3laich, you always want to find out things.. keep it up, we are learning from you!

    bas ya7leelha at least she’s shy she told everybody to stay in lol!

  13. Amu said,

    I need them alll…I cant share on that sorry πŸ˜€

  14. kaileena said,

    It is!

    Aah the chocolate,not my favorite but so good! I found the story more annoying than heartbreaking!
    Well according to “legend” tailor Tom was struck blind in the end! Don’t know if thats true though! Might be a 3ibra wa 3i’9a story

    lool! I’m glad!! Ee shifty shloun san3a in her own ways lool!

    Numerous boxes of chocolate are never enough, arent they!

  15. Nicole said,

    I don’t know the chocolate, but I think, I’ve heard the story before πŸ˜€
    Thanks for refreshing my memory πŸ˜‰

    Btw. I have fun-tagged you πŸ˜‰

  16. Mrm said,

    i just recently discovered Jeff chocs… my friend got me a few boxes from ma6ar dubai… i hear there’s one in beirut as well

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