January 18, 2008

Signature City

Posted in Anime, Photography at 3:26 pm by Olórin


Hows everybody and hows the weekend going? I bet half the population of Kuwait is currently in farms and chalets.. But in my opinion nothing beats a weekend at home. wrapped in layers of blankets and a hot chocolate in hand! For some reason I love listening to Beethoven’s 9th whenever I feel cold and 6th in the summer time! It just fits for some reason!

Anyway, I need help from Anime fans! I’ve been so busy with studying lately I’ve neglected my anime needs and lost track of what’s good and new! So please if you’re currently watching a cool anime, let me know about it!

One night I was in the car during my stay in Saudi I noticed how beautiful the view is from the window… full moon and lights…

…But just when I was taking the shot..the car stepped on a speedbump abruptly causing my hands to shake and the camera in danger of falling! After I checked out how the picture was..thinking it would be blurry crap..I was surprised to see that the lights, instead of being blurry, looked like identical signatures! I love it when mistakes make something new!

Hope you enjoy your weekend wherever you are ^_^

Take care!



  1. rainmountain said,

    I love light shots 😀
    I once managed to get a heart with the moon (and one turned into a dog bone 😉 )

    Girl, you need to get and RSS feed.
    I hate missing posts!


  2. Swair said,

    ” wrapped in layers of blankets and a hot chocolate in hand!”

    Aaaaaaakh, abi 😦

    “I love it when mistakes make something new!” LOL

    After that mistake happened to me, I started to purposely move the camera up and down gently, causing a zigzag light effect :p

  3. Linus said,

    lol! Anime? You watch anime! Great, Check out bleach, naruto, One Piece, and a couple other I’ll be posting soon. You’ll like them ;).
    The picture is freaking cool lol!

  4. kaileena said,

    I love them too! I’d LOVE to see that shot!
    I’ll try putting it soon ^_^

    lool! I bet you were at school suffering when you wanted those blankets, poor you -_-
    AWESOME! Please share those photos!

    Yup me vatches anime! lilasaf I’m quite familiar with the ones you mentioned long ago! Bleach I read the manga but I stopped cuz its too sad..Naruto taqreban w9alt till Shippuden, One Piece a long time ago I finished the Drum Island Arc but then stopped cuz the episodes became unavailable, when they did I already was too caught up with a wave of anime! I’m seriously thinking of rewatching it! Do you know new anime titles?
    Thanks!! lool!

  5. rainmountain said,

    I’m moving my old blog posts one by one.
    As soon as I find it, I’ll let you know 🙂

  6. Amu said,

    mmm i want a thick blanket and hot choclate…bs i love winter 🙂

  7. chikapappi said,

    I love the picture!

  8. kaileena said,


    Same here!

    Glad you liked it ^_^

  9. intlxpatr said,

    Love the squiggles and LOVE the music!

  10. Perfecty said,

    3ad wala mara sema3t Beethoven’s 9th! *goes to YouTube and searches for it* kilish wala mara sema3t music chethe, bs I’m just getting into it. A7eb Dance Of The Knights malaat Sergei Prokofiev. I dedicate it to you:

  11. kaileena said,

    I’m glad you like it! ^_^

    These symphonies take you to another world and calms you down! The Dance of the Knights is awesome! so much power in it! LOL how charlie chaplin bounced the globe with his butt is priceless!! Thanks for the dedication and don’t be a stranger to this blog =D!

  12. Perfecty said,

    I’m glad you liked it! 😀

    I won’t be a stranger, I just added your link in my blogroll 3ashan I check on you everyday with my other friends. ❤

  13. Outkasty said,

    nice picture! what camera do you have?

  14. kaileena said,

    I also added you in my bookmarks list! ^_^

    Thanks lol its abit funny though! I use Sony CyberShot H3! Great zoom but quite shakey.

  15. QQ said,

    Full Metal Alchemist is my favorite~

  16. Turned out nice. See, speed-bumps are ‘cool’ somehow…

    FYI, you can deliberately take such snaps, you need to set the Shutter Speed of your camera to the lowest speed available (should be 40 in your cam) and turn off the flash.

  17. Oh i got a couple of pics like that in my vacation in kuwait. Will post them soon. Love the effect!!

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