January 12, 2008

Beyond the Horizon

Posted in Photography at 10:58 pm by Olórin

Alo, mon amis!

Okay its seriously getting too cold! Can you believe that our temp. is close to Europe’s? 00; It’s quite rare for me to wear wool and not sweat it’s amazing! But sadly today I sweat a waterfall during the Statistics 2 final..*sniffs*..for the fiiirst time in my life I leave several questions blank (well not first, I was quite reckless when it came to studying in middle school but don’t think that counts ^^;) I usually write anything to save myself the nagging conscience afterwards..but this case is rare!! I can honestly say that the test was written in Gibberish encoded with strange symbols to brain-wash us to quit college! *sobs*

Anyway! I wanna share with you one of my favorite shots..it’s ordinary and normal but it gives me the feeling of openness and inshira7 and that the troubles we worry from are so small under these magnificently wide skies

I took this obviously on a plane on our way to Italy the summer before the last..The only thing I envy pilots for is the view they see!

Unfortunately, since the size is small, the best effect this shot has is hindered,

when its assigned as a Desktop wallpaper its true beauty and openness shows! Heres the link for the original size if anyone’s interested in using it as a wallpaper!

Hope you like it ^_^



  1. Joel said,

    It snowed in Iran this weekend, Iraq today and I won’t be surprised if it snows in Kuwait tomorow! 😮

    Wow! The sky photo is great!

  2. hamad said,

    temp is getting colder during to a very long explanation .. and its very logical .. they say in i dont know maybe 1000 more years .. it will snow in Kuwait .. and it has a very amazing explanation ..
    anyway 🙂
    i liked your shot of the clouds .. its amazing .. what camera do you use ?

  3. I’m freezing my butt off and gonna wrap myself in a blanket here shortly 😉

    Gorgeous shot. That’s what I love about flying :)!!

  4. Linus said,

    lol! The colder it gets the better! The picture is amazing! And I’m loving the new music 😉

  5. Swair said,

    Goregous ;D

  6. Amu said,

    beautiful 🙂

  7. Amethyst said,


  8. Chirp said,

    AMazing photo

    Stats yikes :S goood luck!!! Hope you did good

  9. vixenfatale said,

    whoa mashallah ^^ thats so pretty

  10. vixenfatale said,

    Luv the music.. manee gadra i close your page lol!

  11. kaileena said,

    Wow yea I heard! Lol wouldn’t be surprised either, what with Global Warming and all, nothing would surprise us anymore!
    Thanks ^^

    lol I’m quite interested! I shall look up that long explanation!
    Thanks! I took this shot using Canon Powershot SD600 (Great camera for moving objects but not so much with the zoom!) Currently I’m using Sony Cyber-Shot H3 (Wonderful zoom but surprised me in it’s ihtizaz! Even if i hold my breath and not move at all the shot gets alittle shakey sometimes! But overall great camera!)

    Yeaaaaaa!! today’s max temp. is 11 and the min is 0! ZERO!! *shivers*
    Thanks! ^_^ Exactly! I hate flights that are at night, its just pitch black outside the window!

    I agree with you 100% But I love to complain about the cold madri laish lool! I’m glad you’re enjoying the music! ^_^

    Swair, Amu and Amethyst:
    Glad you liked it ^_^

    Thanks! Yea no I didn’t do so well lool waiting for the grade in painful anticipation!

    Thanks ^_^ lool I’m glad you liked it!

  12. abdvllah said,

    3aaaadiii.. I took a D+ in Stat 2 and I didn’t sweat ;p

  13. N. said,

    MAshallah great shots, enshalla you did well!

  14. Chirp said,

    I love the music also!!!!

  15. kaileena said,

    a7 D+!! *starts sweating again* ={!

    Thanks! Allah yaktib illy feeh khair!

    LOOL Thanks! I’ll keep this one abit longer since many are enjoying it alot!

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