July 15, 2008


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How’s everybody doing?! Hope everyone’s alright!

Yaaaaaah it’s been a long time since I’ve done anything..useful!

My life for the past month was nothing but Korean drama, anime (one pieeeeeeece) and going to the movies! I believe Cinescape will thank me greatly when they check their sales.

Those who took a summer course I feel two things towards you guys, sympathy, and HAHAHAHAHAHA I’M SLEEPING ALL DAY AND YOU GUYS MELT IN THE SUN DAY AFTER DAY! Most of my friends took a summer course, girls call me “ha where are you?! we don’t see you around!” and I reply lovingly “..dudes..sa7abt il 9aify,nha3nha3nha3!”

Mmmm..I wanna see an Opera, somebody take me please, no one wants to go with me! sob..

Oh yea! What’s with the Turkish crap lately?! The shows I mean…Gumus and the other show with the ugly people.. It’s like an epidemic affecting the Arabian world! Do you think it’s true what they say in the newspapers, about the divorces and marital problems happening because of the “hotness” of the main characters? Okay the dude I understand..but the girl?! Even the dude isnt that much, when I first saw him I remembered white cheese for some reason 0_0;
I love Turkey..and everything about it..especially it’s language..aaaah, delicate.

Anyway can’t take long! A proper post later inshalla!

Until then, taketh careth!


April 25, 2008

The 7 Things Tag!

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So sorry I was late!

Tagged by ShoSho, here goes!

Seven things I plan to do:

1. Take things less seriously.
2. See as much of the world as I can.
3. Turn my photography hobby into something more serious.
4. Learn to accept and love my current life.
5. Find the balance I need.
6. Get better at tennis.
7. Get rid of my fear of heights.

Seven things I can do:

1. Force myself.
2. Ignore and control my emotions il7imdillah.
3. Watch anime and read manga all day!
4. Lie (God bless middle school, perfect practice!)
5. Talk about my interests and ignore the face expressions.
6. Talk for hours on the phone!
7. Release a deathly aura effortlessly.

Seven things I can’t do:

1. Stop worrying.
2. Stop thinking disturbing thoughts.
3. Fix my mood easily
4. Give up.
5. Stop thinking about people I’ve let go of.
7. Bunjee Jump =[

Seven things I say the most:

1. Hao!
2. Ayshay!
3. Drama!
4. Halo!
5. Shit!
6. Ilmohim.
7. Anyway.

Thank you so much! It was delightful!

Me tags Linus, Intlxpatr and Nicole!

Have fun!

April 6, 2008

Masqueraaade, Paper faces on parade!

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Halo all! How’s everybody doing? Long time no see!

The past few weeks were torture, and what’s coming is worse! *sob* Don’t you just hate busy weeks?! If you hear me say I want to take a seminar during a busy college course, SMACK ME, hear that avocat?! *ya far7itich 9ar 3indich 3ithir tikfi’7eny* 00;

Last night I went to Horton Hears a Who for the second time! You’d think we’re taking a child with us, but when two girls in their twenties go to a children’s movie twice, you gotta admit there’s something wrong with them! Meh it’s a funny movie!

Piece of advice, if you go to the movies, get your own chocolate with you! Grab your favorite chocolate and put it in your bag, (or pockets for the lads). The chocolate they offer there is tastelessly cold and the collection is quite narrow! They even changed the popcorn, it’s now buttery..Yay assfat!

*Yaaaaaaaaawn* Lovely weather lately, right? Me likie.

Anyway, as the title indicates, this post is about Masquerades! My favorite ball! You all know what they’re about, right? Beautiful masks and lovely waltz, but lets expand your knowledge a little bit!

A masquerade ball is an event held by the upper class in Europe back in Medieval times. Around the 15th century in Italy, it became a part of public festivities, especially in Venice (Carnival of Venice is an example).

One of the most famous balls was “Burning Men’s Ball”, it was intended to celebrate the marriage of a lady-in-waiting of Charles VI of France’s queen in Paris in the 14th century, what was interesting is that when the dancers came too close to a torch, they caught fire. (I don’t know if it was intended 00;)

And what’s a masquerade without masks?! The Mask-makers back then had their own stature and guild, not to mention a considerable reputation!

But it wasn’t always a bed of roses, Gustav the III, king of Sweden was assassinated during a masquerade.

Many anti-masquerade movements rose alongside the Masquerade balls themselves, the writers stated that the balls encouraged immorality and foreign influence but that did not convince the doge!

But unfortunately, due to the fall of the Venetian Republic at the end of the 18th century, the tradition of using masks disappeared. But around 1979, a group of awesome young Venetians had the idea of reviving the Carnival of Venice and it was back ever since!

Thanks Wiki for most of the info!

March 20, 2008

The language we speak

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Halo!  Hows it going? Hope everyone’s enjoying the extended weekend! ^_^

I’m sure all of you heard about Government’s resignation and dissolving of the Parliament! At first when I read the message from Barlamani (Don’t get me started on that messaging service! They drill you with messages you can’t cancel!) I thought it was a joke! Have you ever heard of a country without a Government nor a Parliament?! Quite disturbing! Don’t know how long we’ll be like this, but I’m guessing we’d better get used to it!


Most of us speak Arabic and its our native-tongue, right? But do most of us know the origins of this language? Me no tink so!

Okay first thing you need to know is that our awesome language descended from the Semitic Languages, which are – according to Wiki – a family of languages mostly originated in Northern Africa and the Horn of Africa. Other family members of the Semitic Languages are Amharic, Tigrinya and Hebrew among some others. What’s cool about the Semitic Languages (Thus Arabic) is that its one of the earliest languages to get a written form. And Arabic is considered the largest Semitic Language alive, also, Ancient North Arabian – the earliest Proto-Arabic dates back to 6th Century B.C (whoooa!!) – did not use normal alphabets, but used epigraphic Musnad alphabets!

Can you believe that Arabic is a major source of vocabulary for languages such as Berber, Kurdish, Persian, Swahili, Urdu, Hindi, Turkish, Malay and Indonesian? Even Spanish and Portuguese have a large amount of loan words!

“Many words in English and other European languages are derived from Arabic, often through other European languages, especially Spanish and Italian. Among them are commonly-used words like “sugar” (sukkar), “cotton” (quṭn) and “magazine” (maḫāzin). English words more recognizably of Arabic origin include “algebra”, “alcohol”, “alchemy”, “alkali” and “zenith.” Some words in common use, such as “intention” and “information”, were originally calques of Arabic philosophical terms.” – Wiki.

Another cool fact is that Arabic is considered to be the most Semitic language in which it preserved its features completely through time!

So you can say that the language we speak is one of the oldest and influential languages of the world… So proud I am!!

I can’t believe many Arabians are neglecting this amazing language!

March 8, 2008

…And with that comes responsibility!

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Aaah what a lovely morning! It’s been quite long since the last time I’ve had a good morning like this! A good breakfast with nothing to do afterwards and refreshing A/C air (my room is above the kitchen, opening the window at this hour would be a serious mistake) so I open the window quite early in the morning for new oxygen but now I don’t have to!

Warning: Long and boring post ahead! Readers uninterested in teen drama kindly skip to the photos.

Sometimes it’s so hard to follow the path you’ve chosen for yourself if it meant sacrificing things that were once – and still are – essential in your life.. so essential to you and you were practically revolving around them. Sometimes you wonder “Have I made a mistake?” “If it’s for the best..why am I so miserable?”

It’s funny how you can force yourself into abandoning the things that were once your life even though they weren’t ethically or religiously wrong..for your life. A lot of my friends told me that I’m strong and have a unique ability of controlling myself. but they’re quite wrong.. I don’t think that’s an ability.

I’ve changed..that’s all..my views have changed dramatically since then and I don’t think I would be happy now if I hadn’t let go. When I think about it.. I was a kid before and I had the right to do whatever I want, but now it’s quite different, I’m older and with that comes responsibility (the cliche that became a cliche for a reason!)

The process of change is quite weird, you only notice it after awhile but those around you notice every detail of it but say nothing, knowing it’s for your own good to keep quiet, not to disrupt it. My goals in life and an image of who I wanted to become slowly started to form and I realized that in order for me to pursue such goals I have to let go of many things..

That led to sleepless nights and countless panic attacks but I managed to come through and cut the strings that were once holding me together. It was the summer of my graduation from high school..Escaped to Saudi to stay with my grandmother for the summer to forget and figure out what to do next.

When I came back..depression struck! Couldn’t even get out of bed, everything was changing around me, even my friends were going their separate ways in college..guess I picked the wrong time to do it.

Meh guess that’s what makes us stronger, right?

After 3 years of struggle and serious decisions I finally started to settle and finish the first stage of forming myself. And what gave me a boost was last summer.. I had a chance to get it all back together but I refused and realized that even if I went back it wouldn’t be the same because I changed! I changed the SECOND I decided to change!

*looks up* 00; Oh my..too much negative energy! Sorry about that, dear ones!

On a different note..here’s an image I took of Duomo di Milan.

We were on the roof of the Duomo when I took this shot, about 100 metres high! What a place!

Unfortunately the Cathedral was under maintenance when we got there so I couldn’t get a proper shot of it’s front =[

March 1, 2008

Cross-Cultural Differences? (Disaster!)

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I used to think that the whole world nods in approval and shakes head sideways in disapproval! Vell I was wrong! Even though the majority express it this way,According to Charles Darwin, author of “The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals (1872)”  there are some exceptions!

Australian natives:

“don’t shake the head, but holding up the right hand, shake it by turning it half round and back again two or three times.”, A certain Native told Darwin that Abyssinians expressed the word “no” by tilting the head to the right and making a slight cluck, and “yes” by throwing the head back and raising the eyebrows instantly.


Nodded for yes and “winked” for no! (LOL! We would be lost if we went up there!)


Okay this is where trouble ensues! There a nod means “no” and a head-shake means “yes”. (Imagine the catastrophe! I can’t believe my parents lived there for 3 years!)


Their “yes” is shaking head from side to side and “no” is throwing the head back and make a slight cluck! (Yawch I got my hair cut yesterday by a Turkish woman! no wonder she kept repeatedly asking me, I remember nodding a lot 00;)

Other misinterpreted gestures:

We do the Thumbs-up as a sign of approval inspired by the Romans, Sadly, zat’s a myth! It happened as a result of successive mistranslations that we think it’s how the Romans showed mercy. The real gestures were hiding the thumb in a clenched fist, signaling mercy, and if they wanted the dude torn apart they would extend their thumb in a stabbing motion.

The Thumbs-up sign is known world-wide as an “OK” gesture, but in Sardinia and Greece it means “Screw you”! (So..in your future visits to Greece inshalla, Just nod your head ^^; )

February 18, 2008

Books and Clouds

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*listens to Japanese relaxation music and eats dried apricots* Good evening to you all..hope everyone’s doing fine..

Aaah..nothing beats a relaxation period after one hectic day in college! You’d think that being the second day of the semester it would be a light and delightful day..but its not. Not if you have to go to a bookstore that holds books for virtually all the colleges of KU to fetch the books you require for this semester..I’ll paint you an image..imagine about 200+ persons in an approx. 60×60 m. room filled with books and shelves with only 4 cashiers…Yea!
After bumping and apologizing repeatedly to people and standing in line for quite some time holding 6 kilos worth of books I got the books I needed, my poor friend..among many..couldn’t find what she came for!

Anyway while I was flipping through my images I came across this one..I recently took it this winter in the time where it was cloudy every other day (good times!)

Added a blue layer to make a difference in ze shades of the clouds!

I call it “Brewing Storm”!

Then added New Adjustment Layer to make the sky more blue!

This one is called “Vanishing Clouds” or “New Beginning”

The original can be found here

Don’t you just love clouds?

February 11, 2008

Ze Handshake!

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I greet you, people of the great earth, with utmost anger and seething fury I write this post..WHY DO PEOPLE RIDE LIKE THIS IN KUWAIT?!!?! Call me a road rage maniac BUT DUDE THERE ARE LIMITS!! my handsome Mr.Darcy (for those who don’t know, I mean my car) was scared out of its wits today! lif 3alai..okay..speed your way through the speed bump and cut in front of me for no reason whatsoever cuz you already have to go back to your lane you illiterate ***..okay..cast your freakin flasher on me and when I move to the next lane thinking you’re in a hurry but you freaking go on your merry way slowly..okay..BUT CUTTING IN FRONT OF ME AND DRIVING 30 KM/H..NO! Without exaggeration I kept honking the horn for about 30 seconds but that didn’t bring him back from that Zen Zone he was lounging in…stupid truck!

Hmph..*shakes it off* Anyway..

Awhile ago I watched Chronicles of Narnia (lovely movie BTW) there was this scene when the heroine meets a strange creature, she extended her hand to shake his, but being foreign to our world he asked her what she was doing, she told him that we shake hands when we meet someone, he asked her why and she was like “..I don’t know 00;”, That’s when my curiosity kicked in!

After searching for quite some time I found that It’s difficult to know the beginning of the handshake since most of these events happened before written history and of course since it doesn’t have a confirmed source, many accounts try to explain it, But the most convincing one was this:

It dates back to Medieval Europe, Kings and knights extend their hands and grasp the other’s, not to greet the other party, but to show that they are not carrying weapons thus meaning them no harm and showing openness and trust. The right-hand is extended since its the primary hand in handling most things and it is unlikely to strike a weapon using your left-hand.

And that is why we shake hands when we meet, to show friendliness and openness!

February 5, 2008

Factor Aid/ Factored/ Factor VIII concentrate

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 Hey everyone! Hows it going?

I just heard incredibly disturbing news about a drug manufactured by Bayer, the company that made Aspirin. This drug is called Factor Aid or Factored and is used to cure Hemophilia, but was discovered to be HIV contaminated. After the allegations were true, it was banned from America, but Bayer didn’t want to lose the profits, so it shipped it overseas to Europe, Asia and Latin America. I know it sounds unbelievable because theres no way someone could do that and get away with it, but sadly it’s true and thats whats happening.”the companies conspired to sell blood-clotting products that were manufactured using blood from sick, high-risk donors” -CBS News. Thousands who took this medicine have died along with their relatives (infectious).. This youtube video explains it all. Kindly spread the word, people! Even though the news are somewhat old, many might not know about it! You might save a life..

p.s: Here are links :




February 4, 2008


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Even though we don’t know each other for a long time I know you’re a wonderful person..simply because it doesn’t take time to recognize a wonderful spirit like you..I feel bad we didn’t meet earlier because I missed out on an opportunity for a wonderful friendship..

I’m posting this because I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye to you and I’m not able to let you go without so..

Allah yaktiblich illy feeh khair inshalla and I wish you the best of luck in everything you do.

I’m glad I met you,


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